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Ace Zappa

Hi! I'm Ace and I make art and work hard. I've had a workshop and studio space in Garden City ID since 2019 and have made many awesome things during my time there. I use repurposed and reclaimed materials to make paintings, textile works, and large scale site specific installations. 2024 brings many opportunities and changes. I'll have paintings hanging at The Water's Edge Gallery in March/April and again in December. I have another Boise Weekly cover coming up. And I'll be making a big community YarnBomb in Garden City. Look for that fun installation at Flipside Fest in September! Around that time I'll leave my studio space and Garden City. It is time for a change, to take my show on the road. Look for large scale weirdness down the line! 

Make Art Work Hard

contact me at
Support my weird shit with no purpose by sending money to:
@Ace-Zappa on Venmo

o I almost forgot! Look me up on YouTube for more


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